The Western Front is published three times a year by the Western IPM Center. The first issue was published February 2005.

Fall 2013 (PDF) 

  • Western IPM Center urban and community IPM programs
  • Invasive Species signature project
  • Director’s Perspective – Roof rats bring IPM message home
  • 2013 grant recipients announced
  • Changes to 2014 grant categories
  • Online toolkit for IPM impact assessment
  • New IPM and pest guides
  • Mark Your Calendar – Upcoming meetings

Summer 2013 (PDF) 

  • Protecting water resources from pesticides – A Western IPM Center signature program
  • Guide to Western IPM Center funding
  • Director’s Perspective – Comment Coodinators
  • Pacific and State Briefs: Guam, Utah & California
  • Highlights of Western IPM Center research:
    • Battling invasive weeds in an urban environment
    • Planting guide for pollinators in New Mexico
    • Developing a sex pheromone to combat the Prionus beetle in hops
  • New communications plan for the Western IPM Center
  • Mark Your Calendar – Upcoming meetings

February 2013 (PDF)

  • Director’s Comments: Communication is our most important component
  • Six Regional IPM Grants Awarded in Western Region
  • Five Lead the Western IPM Center
  • State Brief: Arizona
  • Steering and Advisory Committees Guide the Western IPM Center
  • Highlights of Western IPM Center Grants Programs:
    • Illustrated Field Guide to the Pests of Bivalve Aquaculture in Washington and Oregon
    • Improving IPM of Mosquitoes by Addressing Scientific Uncertainty and Public Concerns
    • Adopting IPM on Oregon’s School Landscapes
    • Developing an Education Program on a Semiochemical-based IPM Method for Weevil Pests on Guam
  • IPM and Water Quality Training Modules Completed
  • Mark Your Calendar

October 2012 (PDF* 943K)

  • Director’s Comments: Thanks to previous WIPMC leadership; new funding for WIPMC; new leadership for WIPMC; recent meetings; upcoming RFP for WIPMC-funded projects; thanks for stakeholder support of Regional IPM Centers
  • An IPM Educational Program for Vineyards and Orchards to Prevent and Manage Glyphosate-resistant Weeds
  • PMSP Update
  • European Grapevine Moth, Lobesia botrana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) Eradication Program in California
  • Western IPM Center Develops Two New Signature Programs, Continues a Third
  • Update: 2011–2012 Signature Programs
  • State Brief: Utah
  • Mark Your Calendar


June 2012 (PDF* 1.04MB)

  • Director’s Comments: Rick Melnicoe and Linda Herbst retiring July 1; Kassim Al-Khatib to direct WIPMC beginning July 1; new proposal submitted to share Center leadership among three western universities; future funding of Centers
  • Protecting Beneficials in Hawai‘i and the American Pacific: A Workshop on the Conservation of Pollinators and Other Beneficial Species
  • WIPMC 2012 Funded Projects
  • Thank You, Rick and Linda!
  • Mark Your Calendar
  • Profile: Frank Zalom

February 2012 (PDF* 939K)

  • Director’s Comments: WIPMC receives 17 grant applications; RIPM proposals due February 29; Regional IPM Centers funded for 1 year in 2012 agriculture budget; highlights of WIPMC grants programs; work under way on three WIPMC signature programs; Regional IPM Centers at International IPM Symposium
  • California Oaks Threatened by Invading Wood Borer
  • Three New Signature Programs in the West
  • Highlights of WIPMC Grants Programs
  • PMSP Update
  • Profile: Dawn Gouge
  • Mark Your Calendar

October 2011 (PDF* 1,284K)

  • Director’s Comments: Possible last year of Center funding; Center leadership transition July 2012; three new WIPMC signature programs; need for continued stakeholder support for Centers; WIPMC releases new RFA; Center Directors head to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development international workshop in Berlin in October; WIPMC at the 7th International IPM Symposium in March 2012
  • Highlights of IPM Activities in the West: Accomplishments, Outcomes, Impacts, and Plans — Part II
  • Seven Regional IPM Grants Awarded in Western Region, Totaling $658,066
  • PMSP Update
  • Profile: Paul Jepson
  • The Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) Invades Kona, Hawaii: How Can Growers Live with CBB?
  • Protecting Pollinators: How the Small Hive Beetle is Impacting Producers in Hawaii and What Can Be Done to Safeguard Honeybees
  • IPM Advocates Program for Retail Nurseries and Garden Centers Launched in California
  • Mark Your Calendar

June 2011 (PDF* 1,225K)

  • Director’s comments: Federal budget and Regional IPM Centers; thank you to supporters; looming issues for programs relying on federal funding; court decisions on endangered species and water quality; legislated pesticide registration; WERA-069 state/territory reports; proposed session at International IPM Symposium in Memphis; Roger Beachy leaves NIFA
  • Highlights of IPM Activities in the West: Accomplishments, Outcomes, Impacts, and Plans
  • More than $16 Million Leveraged from WIPMC Grants
  • Profile: Thomas Holtzer
  • Journal of Integrated Pest Management
  • Sustainable Places Information Network (SPIN)
  • PMSP Update
  • Spotted Wing Drosophila: Recent Invader of Western Region
  • Alaska Potato IPM Scouting Manual in English and Russian
  • Mark Your Calendar

February 2011 (PDF* 1,161K)

  • Director’s comments: Fate of the Regional IPM Centers after September 2012; Western IPM Center funds projects for 2011; Webinar on planning and managing systems-based transdisciplinary projects for USDA-NIFA; 2011 Regional IPM Grants Program — Western Region applications reviewed; Important upcoming meetings
  • Understanding Thousand Cankers Disease: Center-Funded Project Contributes Findings on Invasive Disease of Walnut Trees in the West
  • Western IPM Center 2011 Funded Projects
  • Profile: Ronda Hirnyck
  • PMSP Update
  • Highlights of Western IPM Center Grants Programs
  • Mark Your Calendar

October 2010 (PDF* 1,039K)

  • Director’s Comments: Letter to Dr. Deborah Sheely, Deputy Administrator of the Competitive Programs Unit at USDA-NIFA
  • The Benefits and Impacts of Regionality and the Role of the Western IPM Center
  • Profile: Carla Thomas, Associate Director, Western Plant Diagnostic Network
  • State Briefs
  • IPM Programs in Public Housing
  • PMSP Update
  • WIPMC Advisory and Steering Committees Gathered in June for Last Face-to-Face Meeting
  • Center Highlights
  • Seven Regional IPM Grants Awarded in Western Region, Totaling $658,066
  • Mark Your Calendar

June 2010 (PDF* 1,020K)

  • Director’s Comments: The future of funding for the IPM Centers; strengths, role, and projects of the WIPMC; Pest Management Alternatives Program update; WIPMC’s next RFA; HUD-IPM Centers collaboration; Dr. Sheryl Kunickis appointed Director of USDA Office of Pest Management Policy
  • Symposium on IPM and Water Quality Yields Exciting New Ideas for Collaboration in the West
  • More than $11.8 million leveraged from WIPMC Grants
  • Profile: Rebecca Sicso
  • State Briefs
  • University of Hawaii Honeybee/Varroa Mite Project
  • PMSP Update
  • IPM Programs on Tribal Lands
  • Mark Your Calendar

February 2010 (PDF* 1,248K)

  • Director’s Comments: Forty-eight applications submitted in response to WIPMC annual RFA; other current RFAs; 32 applications accepted for RIPM; Congress passes agriculture budget; National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) establishes new priorities
  • Highlights of Western IPM Center Grants Programs
  • Western IPM Center 2009 Funded Projects
  • State Briefs: Utah, California
  • PMSP Update
  • Profile: Steve Ela, Operations Manager and Partner, Ela Family Farms
  • IPM and Water Quality Symposium
  • Mark Your Calendar

October 2009 (PDF* 657K)

  • Director’s Comments: Record number of applications in response to WIPMC annual RFA; information networks no longer funded; EIPM and RIPM RFAs to be released soon; WIPMC role in Legume ipmPIPE; WIPMC participates in agricultural tours, Pesticide Applicator Certification and Safety Education workshop; best wishes to Sandra McDonald upon her retirement
  • Seven Western Region RIPM Grants Awarded
  • Profile: H. Michael Harrington
  • “Biodiversity Working for Farmers” Tour
  • Increasing the Capacity for Spinach Seed Production in the United States
  • Organic Potato PMSP Yields Funding and More
  • State Briefs: Arizona, Idaho, Utah
  • Mark Your Calendar

June 2009 (PDF* 1,164K)

  • Director’s Comments: IPM hit hard by funding issues; CSREES transferred to new National Institute of Food and Agriculture; WIPMC RFAs released in June; regional IPM and water quality conference planned; WIPMC work groups highlighted in this issue
  • Work Group Highlight: Snails and Slugs
  • UC IPM Update
  • Work Group Highlight: Urban Ants
  • Work Group Highlight: Invasive Plants
  • PMSP Update
  • Profile: Sherry Glick
  • Work Group Highlight: Weather Systems
  • Bugwood Network
  • Work Group Highlight: Orchard Spray Application Efficiency
  • Mark Your Calendar

February 2009 (PDF* 740K)

  • Director’s Comments: 2008 Farm Bill changes Smith-Lever 3(d) IPM funds distribution and 406 Integrated Activities programs eligibility; WIPMC funds three “Addressing Western IPM Issues” projects and four Work Groups
  • Pyrethroids in California’s Urban Creeks
  • Alaska’s Kids are Extraordinary Weed Pullers
  • PMSP Update
  • Western IPM Center 2008 Funded Projects
  • Highlights of Western IPM Center Grants Programs
  • IPM in Schools PMSP Issued
  • Two Organic Potato Field Days are Outgrowth of Organic Potato Production PMSP
  • Profile: Lori Berger
  • Mark Your Calendar

October 2008 (PDF* 1053K)

  • Director’s Comments: WIPMC Suite of Funding Opportunities; legumePIPE; Focus on States
  • The Future of Urban IPM
  • Profile: Al Fournier
  • PMSP Update
  • IPM Contracting Tool Kit
  • Alaska Invasive Plant Educational Outreach
  • Standardizing Resistance Management
  • Water Quality and IPM Collaboration Proposed
  • State Briefs
  • Mark Your Calendar

June 2008 (PDF* 998K)

  • Director’s Comments: Recent WIPMC Activities
  • Legume ipmPIPE Available Online
  • WIPMC 2008 Funded Projects
  • Promoting School IPM in the West and Beyond: School IPM Work Group
  • PMSP Update
  • Profile: Carrie Foss
  • Bee Specialist Eric Mussen Fingers Prime Suspects in “BSI: The Case of the Disappearing Bees”
  • State Briefs
  • Mark Your Calendar

February 2008 (PDF* 868K)

  • Director’s Comments: Promoting IPM to policymakers, Western IPM Center grants funded, RIPM grants reviewed, WSARE sub-regional conferences
  • Western Region SARE Sub-Regional Conference Held on Guam
  • Pest Management Strategic Plan Update
  • Farewell to Lisa Downey Blecker
  • Highlights of Regional IPM Competitive Grants Program
  • Profile: Todd Scholz
  • Introducing Focus on Soybean: PMN’s Newest Online Resource and Webcast Site
  • Western IPM Center Funding Update
  • State Briefs
  • Mark Your Calendar

October 2007 (PDF* 775K)

  • Director’s Comments: WIPMC RFAs, Progress in IPM Research and Extension, IPM Centers Enter Cooperative Arrangements, National Meetings with Industry and Government Agencies
  • Regional Workshop on Conservation Biological Control Leads to New Work Group Proposal
  • Two More PMSPs Completed: Potato (Revised) and Forages
  • Summit on Clean Water through Residential IPM Sparks Outreach Ideas
  • iSNAP Water Quality Education Project Impact Evaluation
  • Western IPM Center Funding Update
  • Profile: Byron Phillips, IPM Consultant, Columbia Fruit Packers, Inc.
  • Oregon’s Integrated Plant Protection Center Seeks to Improve Agricultural Sustainability and Food Security
  • Two Sustainability Meetings Held: “Food Industry Stewardship: Industry/Public Agency Summit” and “Communications in IPM — Food Production Industry: Opportunities and Challenges”
  • Center Funding for Curly Top Virus Work Group Yields Additional Grant
  • State Briefs
  • Mark Your Calendar

June 2007 (PDF* 944K)

  • Director’s Comments: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Grant Submissions
  • Pacific Northwest Fruits Work Group Collaboration Yields Additional Funding
  • Three More PMSPs Completed: Garlic, Hazelnut, and Pulse Crops (Revised)
  • Western IPM Center Hosts SYSCO Sustainable/IPM Conference
  • Profile: Barry Brennan
  • Scientists Share Research Findings at Second International Lygus Symposium
  • IPM PIPE Online Warning System Saves Farmers Millions
  • New Weed Atlas for Guam
  • State Briefs
  • Mark Your Calendar

January 2007 (PDF* 822K)

  • Director’s Comments: IPM Challenges and Opportunities in 2007, Congressional Funding Update, Funding Opportunities Managed by WIPMC
  • A Pest Management Strategic Plan (PMSP) for IPM in Schools
  • Addressing Western IPM Issues: Interim Project Results
  • Profile: Jennifer Miller
  • Soybean Rust Monitoring in the West – An Update
  • From Peaches to Peas: Ponderings of a Comment Coordinator
  • State Briefs
  • Mark Your Calendar

October 2006 (PDF* 495K)

  • Director’s Comments: 2007 Budget for Regional IPM Centers, New RFAs Released, Western IPM Center Strategic Plan, Soybean Rust
  • Diane Clarke Joins Western IPM Center as Writer
  • 2006 Special Issues Projects
  • National IPM in Schools Pest Management Plan Proposed
  • Arizona Holds Statewide Pest Management Summit
  • Full Belly Farm’s Paul Muller Wins National Sustainable Agriculture Award
  • Mesa Public School District Earns IPM STAR Award
  • Western Region IPM Grants: Seven Projects Funded
  • State Briefs
  • Profile: V. Philip Rasmussen
  • Mark Your Calendar

June 2006 (PDF* 380K)

  • Director’s Comments: Grants and Mid-term Review Reflect Commitment to Pest Management
  • WIPMC Confirms 2006 Competitive Funded Projects
  • WIPMC Joins Water Quality Discussions
  • “OnePlan” Conservation Planning Tool to Deliver Information
  • The UC IPM Program Partners with NRCS
  • Mid-Term Review of Integrated Pest Management Centers
    • National Recommendations
  • Organizations Form National IPM Interagency Group
  • EPA Honors Entomologist with Environmental Achievement Award
  • 5th National IPM Symposium Honors IPM Champions
  • State Briefs
  • PMSP Update
  • WIPMC Names 2006 Funded Workgroup Projects
    • 2006 Pacific Northwest Workgroup on Agricultural IPM Issues
    • The Western Region Structural Pest IPM Workgroup
    • Western IPM Center Workgroup on Weather Systems
  • Profile: Steve Balling
  • Mark Your Calendar

January 2006 (PDF* 700K)

  • Director’s Comments: Collaborations, Mid-Term Review, Grants
  • Fifth National IPM Symposium Offers Forum to Share Ideas
  • Team Evaluates Impact of IPM and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Participants at Regional Water Symposium Identify Priorities for the West
  • IPM Systems: Tools and Techniques to Consider How Systems Behave
  • Making Sense of Acronyms: Smile When You Say Them
  • New Green Manure Project is Direct Outcome of Sugarbeet PMSP
  • Company Grateful for Special Uses Grant
  • Employee Offers Computer Training for New Information Requests Tool
  • Profile: Sally O’Neal Coates
  • Review Panel Approves Funding for Projects
  • Learn to Translate Pesticide Terms (note that the correct address is
  • Western IPM Reginal Grants Program Review Panel Considers Proposals
  • Weather Workgroup Members Foster Teamwork
  • Mark Your Calendar

September 2005 (PDF* 616K)

  • Director’s Comments: Budget Plans, Grants, and Water Symposium Draw Attention
  • Diverse Group Attends WIPMC Symposium
  • Pest Alert for West Nile Virus
  • Four More PMSPs Finished: Potato, Snap Beans, Sugarbeets, Watercress
  • Codling Moth Research of Western Region Scientists Drawing Accolades
  • State Briefs
  • WERA-069 on the Move
  • WIPMC Grant to Help iSNAP Expand Scope to Growers
  • New Macadamia Nut Pest Found in Hawaii
  • Profiles: Joe DeFranceso and Lisa Downey
  • Workgroup Updates
  • Mark Your Calendar
  • Coming up in January

May 2005 (PDF* 508K)

  • Director’s Comments: Don’t Change a Program That’s Working
  • Water, Wildlife, and Pesticides: Western IPM Symposium Targets Environmental Problems
  • Western Region IPM Grants: 8 Funded
  • WIPMC Advisory, Steering Committees Discuss Federal Budget Proposal, Grants
  • She Serves a Diverse, Unique Area: Cathy Tarutani, API Comment Coordinator
    • API Territory Spread from Hawaii to Palau
  • Way to Go, Jane! (Jane Thomas, Pacific Northwest Commentator)
  • What the WIPMC Work Groups Do
  • WERA-069 Participants ‘Connect’ with IPM Practice, Strategies
  • Pest Alerts
  • Hawaii Ag Corp. Owner Calls 406 Centers ‘Invaluable’
  • State Briefs: Washington, Idaho, Mountain West (Colorado and Wyoming), and California
  • Mark Your Calendar

February 2005 (PDF* 540K)

  • Director’s Comments: Communication Is Our Most Important Component
  • Center Scope
  • What Does the Center Do?
  • Pest Watch
  • WIPMC to Provide Priorities for PMAP
  • Water, Wildlife, and Pesticide Issues to Set Theme for WIPMC Symposium
  • Western Region Completes 34 PMSPs; 8 Pending in 2005
    • Eight More PMSPs in 2005
  • At the Helm: Three Lead the Western IPM Center
  • WIPMC Administering Western Region Competitive Grants Program
    • WIPMC Grants Deadline: Feb. 18
  • WIPMC Funds 19 Projects in Competitive Grants Program
  • Jane Thomas, Pacific Northwest Comment Coordinator: Her Job Is to Answer Questions
    • From Nuclear Industry to Pesticides
    • Replies to Information Requests Posted on WIPMC Web Site
  • Western IPM Center Information on World Wide Web
  • Web Visits Increase by Nearly 40 Percent Over Last Year
  • Mark Your Calendar
  • Coming up in May

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