Western Region Tribal IPM Workgroup

Principal Investigator: Nina Hapner, Kashia Band of Pomo Indians

Objectives: This is a multi-tribal workgroup. The target audience is a diverse, comprehensive group of participants from the tribes, research institutions and government agencies. The group will:

  1. Plan and orchestrate up to four workgroup meetings in a one-year period, in areas that best enable tribal communities to attend.
  2. Update and educate workgroup members on the current management, biology and the importance of invasive species, IPM and the affected resources to tribes.
  3. Identify issues, key players, potential future projects and funding sources.
  4. Broaden the network of tribal members and forest and human health specialists in the Western Regional.

Expected Outcomes: In the first year, an invasive species needs assessment will be conducted and published. The Needs Assessment will identify next steps to guide natural resource management and problem solve. Other outcomes include: updated information on current invasive pests; expanded understanding of what work is being done to manage invasive species; evaluation of studies conducted and review of management strategies if needed. We will encourage wider participation of tribes in the Western Region and development of future potential projects and funding that will benefit all parties.

For more information, contact Principal Investigator Nina Hapner.

Meetings and Announcements

Work Group Meeting – Sept. 12, Lakeport, Calif. (RSVP to Nina Hapner if attending.)